At Work With Brian Wenger

At work with Brian Wenger

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about those guys driving the beer trucks, meet Brian Wenger, salesman for Virginia Beach-based Hoffman Beverage Company.

Always smiling and eager to answer a question, Wenger employs as much muscle as he does magnetism. He’s hauled his share of kegs up stairwells at places like Belmont House of Smoke during his eight-plus year career.

“You’ve just got to get it done,” he said.

Getting it done is part of it. Enjoying what you do is much more significant, according to Wenger.

“I love Ghent,” Wenger said of his route. “(The customers) are the reason I’ve stayed with the company for so long.”

From the bartenders’ smiles to people that approach him, it’s obvious the admiration is mutual. Wenger is a people person.

While personality has helped Wenger climb to the top of the sales rankings, so has Hoffman’s commitment to diversifying its offerings.

Wenger appreciates the local brews his company has picked up. From Smartmouth and Back Bay to Alewerks and St. George’s, Hoffman represents when it comes to local breweries.

Speaking of local beers, Wenger remembers the drought that followed O’Connor’s grand opening last year, when the restaurants didn’t have product on hand.

He didn’t miss a beat. Wenger went the extra mile, picking up kegs at the brewery, checking them in at the warehouse, and then delivering to his customers – all in the same day.

This work ethic carries over to his personal life. He has done a few of the Spartan and Tough Mudder competitions, and regularly practices martial arts.

“I got into Jui-Jitsu because of this job,” Wenger said, adding that Mike Hage (University Pizza) invited him out, and Scott Oats (Scotty Quixx) is the instructor. “Between the two of them, I found a hobby I really enjoy.”

Wenger hasn’t had to fight anyone while delivering beer, but the ability to blow off steam after work helps him relieve stress. Kinda like a good beer.

The Wenger Files

Age: 32
Residence: Virginia Beach
Education: Green Run High School; currently enrolled in the EMT program at Tidewater Community College

After hours: Hanging with girlfriend Roxanne Sweeney, who works at the Virginia Arts Festival, where he volunteers a lot of his time. Loving on his two rat terriers. And kicking major butt in Jui- Jitsu.