Sierra Nevada Celebration

Sierra Nevada Celebration Beer Review HR Growler

Sierra Nevada Celebration

Fresh Hop IPA 6.8%

Appearance: From the bottle, this beer pours a crystal clear amber color with golden highlights. It has a persistent ivory-colored head.

Aroma: A bouquet of citrus fruits hits the nose as soon as it inches near the glass, specifically grapefruit and clementine. This beer has a delicate aroma, which signals a well-balanced IPA.

Taste: One of my favorite winter seasonals, this fresh hop IPA is wonderfully balanced. It has a pleasant bitterness and is juicy in a fruit punch kind of way.

Mouthfeel: This IPA is not overly aggressive on the tongue. It is smooth with a slight bitter prickle, like frost just nipping at your nose.

Drinkability: Not sure what it means if an IPA is “Fresh Hopped”? Here’s the skinny straight from Sierra Nevada, “Fresh Hops are the freshest dried hops to come from the fields, typically within seven days of harvest.” Their analogy is that when you open a spice that eventually the aromatics and flavor fade, same with hops. Enjoy this IPA fresh, and you won’t be disappointed.

by Malia Paasch