Devil’s Backbone Schwartzbier

Devil’s Backbone Schwartzbier Review HR Growler

Devil’s Backbone Schwartzbier

Black Lager 4.9%

Appearance: This Black Lager also known as a Schwartzbier pours a deep brown with sienna highlights. It has excellent clarity and isn’t opaque. It has an ivory, quickly diminishing head.

Aroma: Smelling this beer is like getting a waft of your favorite local coffee shop as you walk by the storefront: roasty, a bit of chocolate and bready. It also smells clean and crisp, as a lager should.

Taste: This beer has a taste that reminds one of a childhood treat, those little rectangle chocolate wafers with sugar in the middle. Then more flavors reminiscent of chocolate come to mind like carob and baker’s cocoa. 

Mouthfeel: This beer is smooth and silky with just a slight lingering roasty bitterness. Though it’s dark, this beer isn’t heavy.

Drinkability: Devil’s Backbone is known for their beers being on point and brewed to style this beer definitely showcases what a beautiful black lager is. It’s a great beer to ease somebody into the darker side of beer.

Rating: 4/5


by Malia Paasch