Behind the Brews at YVBC

Behind the Brews
Thomas Wilder and Neil McCanon, co-owners of Young Veterans Brewing Co.

Thomas Wilder and Neil McCanon became buddies long before the two were able to drink the craft beer they brew at Young Veterans Brewing Co., the Virginia Beach-based military-themed brewery the two opened in 2013.


At Smartmouth Brewing, The Details Make the Difference

Smartmouth Brewing Company HR Growler

Take a look at the Smartmouth Brewing Company logo. A dark beer with a hint of red at the bottom of the glass, white head on top inside a black circle on an orange background. Now take another look. That red might be a tongue. The white head and the bottom of the glass resemble teeth, and the orange sides look like cheeks. Smart. Mouth. It’s all in the details.

At AleWerks, a bustling taproom reflects growth

WILLIAMSBURG – Well before becoming the brewmaster at AleWerks Brewing Company, Geoff Logan tried home brewing with his older brother, George. They had dispiriting results with a brown ale.

“It was awful,” said Geoff Logan, a 33-year-old native of Seaford, Del. “I still have a bottle.”

Later, George brought him a nice, chocolaty porter with a hint of smoke on the end.

George said he had brewed it.

“I didn’t believe him,” Logan recalled recently at AleWerks. 

New brews on the block


If Back Bay Brewing Company seems a bit out of place among the clubs, hotel bars and souvenir shops along the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, that’s very much by design.

Back Bay’s owners and operators have created a relatively quiet and rustic space with their brewery and tasting room, a neighborhood place a few blocks from the bustling boardwalk at 614 Norfolk Ave. in the Shadowlawn community.

Gain of quarters for O'Connor Brewing Co.

O'Connor Beer Room


More beer. More room. More buzz.

O’Connor Brewing Co., a pioneer in the regional craft-beer movement, will celebrate its move into larger quarters today with a party featuring local bands, food from trucks and restaurants and, of course, beer. Eight types of O’Connor beer – from its El Guapo agave India pale ale to its S-Turns Belgian-inspired saison.

Making waves: Outer Banks Brewing Station finds its niche

Outer Banks Brewing Station

Scott Meyer stands over a 20-barrel metal tub, pouring 20 pounds of whole hops into a mixture already consisting of 80 pounds of rye flakes and water. The contents brewing in the mash tun resemble oatmeal.

“I’ve never tried adding the hops at this point,’’ says Meyer, the master brewer at the Outer Banks Brewing Station in Kill Devil Hills. “I’ve only heard about it.’’

Meyer is making a Saison, a light ale originally brewed in Belgium that farm workers drank in the summer.

O'Connor Brewing | Getting ready for new digs

O'Connor Growler


NORFOLK – O’Connor Brewing Co., a centerpiece of the growing local beer scene, is poised to expand in the coming months by opening a larger brewery and taproom. It’s a big step for the local brewery, which has increased its business since
brewing its first batch on St. Patrick’s Day just four years ago.

The new facility will be at 211 W. 24th St., not far from the current site.

The existing one is still hopping, by the way.

Family Business | St. George Brewing makes it work

St George Brewery

There’s always work at a small business. Make that a family business – a busy brewery, at that. Long days can seem to run together.

“Today’s Tuesday,” William Spence Jr., orienting a recent visitor to St. George Brewing Co. “Oh, great – I get tacos.”

The microbrewery at 204 Challenger Way in Hampton has a retail shop, tastings, tours, and events. Customers and friends of the brewery gather at indoor picnic tables to share pints and pitchers – and savor the work of a Stuft food truck.

It’s a “thirsty” taco Tuesday.