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The St. George Brewing Co. Porter


The St. George Brewing Co.
English Porter
ABV: 5 percent
IBU: 32
Appearance: St. George’s Porter pours a deep translucent dark brown with ruby red highlights. The head is light tan and quickly diminishing.

Champion Brewing Company Black Me Stout

Black Me Stout

Champion Brewing Company
Wheat Stout
ABV: 6 percent
IBU: 45
Appearance: Black Me Stout pours from the can a luscious dark hue, almost like liquid obsidian. It has a fluffy, persistent tan head.

Alewerks Coffeehouse Stout

Coffeehouse Stout

Coffee Milk Stout
ABV: 5.4 percent
IBU: 15
Appearance: If you poured this beer into an espresso cup, it would easily fool anyone. It is a deep black color with swirls of brown froth gracing the top.

Blue Mountain Brewery Dark Hollow

Blue Mountain Brewery Dark Hollow HRGrowler Review

Dark Hollow

Blue Mountain Brewery
Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout
ABV: 10 percent
IBU: 70
Appearance: Poured from the tap at Tortilla West, this beer pours a silky opaque black color with a brown head.

Pucker Up

Sour Beer HRGrowler Review Recipie

Pucker Up: Sour beers are on the rise 

You may have noticed there’s always some new trend or “hot ticket” beer in the craft brew scene. One month, it’s adding hot sauce to the brewing process. The next, it’s crafting a beer in such limited batches, people are selling it on the craft beer black market.

Devil’s Backbone Schwartzbier

Devil’s Backbone Schwartzbier Review HR Growler

Devil’s Backbone Schwartzbier

Black Lager 4.9%
Appearance: This Black Lager also known as a Schwartzbier pours a deep brown with sienna highlights. It has excellent clarity and isn't opaque. It has an ivory, quickly diminishing head.

Stift Engelszell Gregorious

Stift Engelszell Gregorious Beer Review HR Growler

Stift Engelszell Gregorious

Trappist Dark Strong 9.7%
Appearance: The head on this beer is persistent. It is like a light brown layer of lace. The beer itself is a murky brown with orange highlights.

Hardywood Gingerbread Stout

Hardywood Gingerbread Stout Beer Review HR Growler

Hardywood Gingerbread Stout

Imperial Milk Stout 9.2%
Appearance: Out of the bottle, this beer pours a dark chocolate color with a nugget-colored head. The head quickly diminishes.

Sierra Nevada Celebration

Sierra Nevada Celebration Beer Review HR Growler

Sierra Nevada Celebration

Fresh Hop IPA 6.8%

Appearance: From the bottle, this beer pours a crystal clear amber color with golden highlights. It has a persistent ivory-colored head.

Schneider Aventinus

HR Growler Schneider Aventinus Beer Review

Schneider Aventinus

Weizenbock 8.2%
Appearance: Aventinus is a local favorite around here, and we have The Bier Garden to thank for that! This classic Schneider beer pours a gorgeous ruby brown with a voluminous fluffy tan head (which is attributed to the extra proteins in the wheat malt). A proper pour usually involves swirling the bottle and adding the yeast, which will create a bit of haziness.